WISITA © is the "keyturn" solution created by E-BAG for immersive visits. It can be used in cultural, touristic and didactic activities
WISITA © Can be used via tablet and smartphone and its contents can be improved. The use of Wisita can take place in areas covered by wifi signal or totally offline.

Services offered:

  • Graphic Design and APP development for IOS and Android;
  • Creating a personalized graphic concept and an avatar;
  • Speech synthesis of the avatar/Character;
  • Audio speaker for the creation of audio guide, recording and optimization of audio files (texts excluded);
  • Augmented reality for reading marker, the viewable contents are Audio, Video, 3D reconstructions;
  • Publication of the APP on PLAYSTORE and APP STORE and free download;
  • Creation of audio guide in different languages (30 languages available);
  • Mapping of the museum or park;
It is perfect for Urban and Rural Routes;