The Triumph of Wonders: Bernini and Roman Baroque

E-bag produced this fabulous exhibition in association with Palazzo Chigi of Ariccia and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
It shows the splendor of the Baroque art in Italy and in other countries.

It is an exhibition realized with virtual reality, augmented reality and VR visits at 360°.

With this set up, some works realized by Giovan Lorenzo Bernini will be exhibited for the first time. These works show his multiform and eclectic talent. You will also see works of art realized by the major artists of the XVII century, Italian and not Italian. Most of them come from Palazzo Chigi di Ariccia, in Rome, which is where the Roman Baroque Museum is located. Among these works and besides Bernini, there are works of the Roman Baroque painted by Mattia Preti, Giacinto Brandi, Carlo Maratta, Pier Francesco Mola, Salvator Rosa, Pietro da Cortona, Giovan Battista Gaulli “ll Baciccio”, Ferdinand Voet, Andrea Pozzo and many other important artists of that century. This exhibition allows to see the evolution of the Roman Painting for about a century.

The entire multimedia exhibition will be enriched by the wonderful music by Vivaldi, and other famous musicians of that century.

The exhibition, which is divided in thematic groups, comes with a rich information system, catalogue, interactive multimedia solutions and projections of original videos.

E-bag and other companies are consolidating a new way of proposing art, through the combination of teaching, technology and innovation, in order to attract new generations to a world full of art and beauty. In fact, there are some special effects that allow to “live” the atmosphere of the places where these baroque works were created, and these involve also many famous cinema and theatre actors.

Following the path of the previous exhibitions, that were extremely successful and attracted many visitors, now, many museum services will be proposed, such as, guided tours, workshops for children, dedicated to Bernini, and many free events, such as meetings and concerts. They will be very useful to obtain deeper information. The focus will be on the local history. Many important musicians, experts and academics will take part to these events.

Link to the trailer:
Realized for: 4 Culture SRLS, Calabria, European Union, Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
E-bag solution used: Stelly (original storytelling format) ; Wisita (guide multimediali per musei e parchi)