The last witch

A movie produced by e-bag with Isabel Russinova and set in Italy, in the XVII century.
The last trial against a witch. The movie is an important and original production, shot in enchanting settings.
This woman, who is the protagonist, in 1770 at the Corte Regia di Napoli, of this “Trial for Sorcery”, has a porcelain face, blue eyes and the amazing talent of Isabel Russinova. This movie wants to describe the most important moments of a specific historical period, in which people were no longer interested in myths and legends. It is the moment of an important cultural revolution: the age of the Enlightenment.
Cecilia Faragò, character played by Isabel Russinova, not only represents a mysterious woman, but a real hero, who is able to fight against injustice and against the ecclesiastical world, to affirm a new type of justice, based on people.
An executive production by E-bag srl.
Link to the short movie:
E-bag solution used: Stelly (original storytelling format) Wisita (guide multimediali immersive)