Shoah: Their Fault Is To Be Born

This technological exhibition, created by e-bag, is organized in one narrative path in which it is possible to see some artworks, videos, projections and multimedia installations.

The fundamental idea comes from an introductory reflection of Liliana Segre, that describes the reasons of the tragedy of the Shoah with “their fault is to be born”.

All the videos and music are original and among the protagonists we can also find some famous actors.
The heart of the exhibition is represented by some artworks dedicated to the Shoah and realized by the Italo American artist Frank De Nota, who uses the figurative language of street art. These artworks were exhibited at the Vilna Shul, the Centre for Jewish Culture of Boston and at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. 

The organization of the works has been entrusted to Francesca Barbi Marinetti, creator and promoter of various art and cultural events. She is also responsible for the Archive of her paternal grandparents, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa.

The scientific direction of the historical contents, that can be found in the entire exhibition, has been entrusted to Daniel Fishman, who was already the Director of the Bollettino Jewish Community in Milan. He is a writer whose works are published also by the publishing house “La Giuntina”, founded in 1980 and specialized in Jewish Culture.

The informative and the historical-scientific structures of the exhibition give strength and scientific value to the entire cultural project.
The scientific contributes, that can be found in the exhibition rooms, can be very useful for a better comprehension of the historical event that is described. It is possible to find specific information in order to understand better what happened in Calabria, in ancient times, but also during World War II. Talking about the Second World War, there are deeper information about the fascist internment camp of Ferramonti, in Tarsia.

The aim is to promote awareness of what happened, treating the environmental, historical and cultural aspects, noticing the changes over the time. Frank Denota realized a new artwork dedicated to Ferramonti in Tarsia, which is exhibited in the exhibition “Their fault is to be born”. It represents a world historical reality, with a more territorial one.

The exhibition is supported by multimedia elements that allow to create a multisensory context, in order to interact in an efficient way with the public. “Their fault is to be born” is an exhibition that propose an innovative experience, enriched by the latest technologies. Besides the classical information support, thanks to the collaboration with E-bag, a company that works in the field of technological innovation and multimedia systems applied to cultural heritage, a new multimedia path was created. It contributes to improve the comprehension of the story of the Shoah, using holographic projections, tablet, beacons, audio guide, touch screen monitors that contain various documents, videos and pictures.

Link to the trailer: SPOT MOSTRA Solo Per Colpa Di Essere Nati - YouTube

Realized with: 4 Culture SRLS, Calabria, European Union, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Museo della Shoah, UCEI
E-bag solution used: Stelly (original storytelling format) ; Wisita (guide multimediali per musei e parchi)