The short movie talks about beautiful islands, and among them, Salina. It is a storytelling that combines Mediterranean and Energy Efficiency.
Directing, production, filming and digital development were realized using the format Stelly.

It was presented to the 77th Venice Film Festival. The short movie “Isole da sole”, which sees the island of Salina as the protagonist, was presented in the section “Green Drop Award”.

This short movie was also diffused on social media and obtained great success.
Since 2019 the island of Salina is one of the 6 first “pilot islands”, it is the only Italian one, chosen by European Union, for the transition to clean energy and environmental and social sustainability. They were chosen, among the 2000 European minor islands, by the Secretariat of Clean Energy for EU Islands of the European Commission.
Through film and documentary language the ecological transition is described in its cultural aspects: it is possible to find the description of the house architecture, and the interviews to the protagonists of this change: the inhabitants and the majors of the three municipalities.
Produced with: Enea, Agency for Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Economic Development, Area Cultura SCRL.
Link to the short movie:
E-bag solution used: Stelly (original storytelling format)