E-bag developed a Digital Signage System, to manage the direction of events, museum installations, installations in public spaces, home automation

In the visits, museums, cultural or natural routes, why should you only use traditional audio guide or panels? The answer is the Platform NADIR ©, created and developed by, that counts already many downloads in Italy and in other countries.

With e-bag it is possible to create innovative and memorable tours: using tablets and interactive devices. You can rent the tablet to the visitors or they can download the guide from the app, using iTunes or Play Store. NADIR © is very simple and practical to use locally or remotely, both “single user” or “multi users”.

Our platform allows to manage museums, public spaces, restaurants, hotels, airports or stations, with monitors and devices, but also with single apps for augmented reality or virtual reality, but also with more complicated apps, such as holograms.

E-bag gives you the platform directly, without the need to purchase other licenses or devices.