God blessed calabria: history and tradition

It is an intense work realized by a group of historians, archaeologists and philologists, coordinated by the director Erminio Perocco. He realized “God Blessed Calabria”, a documentary about the raise of Byzantine Church in ITaly.
An innovative production.
The title can be seen as provoking, because this sentence was used by some American presidents to talk about their country, which is now very rich. This title may not be the perfect one to describe Calabria today, but, in that period, this region was extremely rich. It is a place where cultures are mixed. Greek and Latin cultures met here, and the testimonies that we found, reveal a hidden beauty.

An important production realized by E-bag srl. This short movie, which is 20 minutes long, describes Calabria and the South of Italy during the Byzantine era. Filming was carried out using very innovative techniques and using drones.

Link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIO50OaCW2I
Realized for: Associazione donne in Arte, Historia SRL, Calabria, European Union, Ministry of Cultural Heritage
E-bag solution used: Stelly (original storytelling format) ; Wisita (guide multimediali per musei e parchi)