The new challenge of the future is energy transition and sustainable development issues. We have been dealing with these issues, offering you our advice regarding the communication and development of specific applications for example for waste treatment, energy saving, urban regeneration and sustainable cities.

Energy transition marks the transition from the use of non-renewable energy sources, to renewable ones. It is also part of a bigger transition, to sustainable economies through the use of renewable energy, energy-saving-techniques and sustainable development.

This transition can be realized in different ways, that are often used at the same time, and the aim is to eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels and improve energy efficiency, both for energy production and consumption by users. It also regards its distribution and conservation.

The main renewable energy sources are: water, wind, sun, biomass, geothermal and tidal. This transition can be realized changing the production plants or transforming them, so as to obtain a more efficient production and a lower environmental impact. It is also possible to improve the efficiency of many systems used by users: such as energy-saving technologies or more efficient ones. It is also possible to operate a greater insulation, thermal or electrical, if the objective is to transport or conserve energy.

The process of Energy transition started in many countries, especially in the most technologically advanced ones or the most motivated towards the conservation of the natural environment.

E-bag srl has been working for the communication and valorization of the energy transition, with many projects, such as:

  • Salina- Isole da Sole
  • Donne di Classe
  • Gia dall’efficiente Energia